Neuigkeiten aus dem Schlosspark

Latest News from Schlosspark

Lady in the pool
16. June 2021

Especially when it gets really hot in summer next weekend and the temperatures climb to 35 degrees, we have the right

Couple on the terrace
19. May 2021

Finally enjoy your vacation again in the Mauerbach Castle Park.

19. April 2021
Seminars and Corona? Of course!
test lane
10. March 2021

Together with the Red Cross, we offer our guests an operational Covid-19 test road directly in the Schlosspark Mauerbach

24. February 2021

Cross spatial boundaries with hybrid meetings and seamlessly bring digital communication together with real personal

Couple in the park
10. February 2021

We thought that if we weren't allowed to pamper you with us, then we would simply come to you virtually to support you

08. February 2021
Your health and well-being are our top priority